Achte auf die kleinen Zeichen und erarbeite einen Wettbewerbsvorteil für dein Geschäftsmodel

Pascal Finette introducing DISRUPTION MAPS as powerful tool for innovation. It is of uttermost importance to see & act upon weak signals. Trends develop gradually & then suddenly. Fun fact e.g., in 2008 hardly anyone saw that mobile is leading the future far ahead from desktop/ PC applications. The majority was realizing the trend by 2012 - a point in time where companies like Uber, AirBnb, Whatsapp were ~3yrs ahead in development already. Building the future definitely means, being in the game when weak signals arrise & accounting for change as early as possible.

We see a lot of weak signals now, like remote work or also signals in the energy sector - min 5.30 refers to the energy supply possibly generated by solar energy covering world demand (see also Desertec Project). A method I like to implement for innovation workshops is to think about the implications of the implication and design a disruption map. The opportunities and blue oceans lie in the outtermost parts, following Pascal Finette statement.

Have a look yourself on his proposals: